About Us

IEMS is a dedicated manufacturer of variable speed Brushless motors.

The smaller motors in the range have M-27 lamination stators, the larger stators are constructed using organically insulated steel powder pressed to shape. (SMC)

Most motor rotors use Neodymium Iron Boron magnets either surface mounted or embedded for very high speeds. A bonded range of NdFeB is the perceived method for large scale production.

Design of the IEMS motor range has been carried out by a retained consultant with 60 years experience in motor drives, including a decade recently as a design/manufacturer of commercial brushless motors.

IEMS now has a working research laboratory with able young staff aimed at further developing commercial SMC motors. In terms of academic concepts, SMC motors have attracted attention. Reliable hardware application has continued to prove elusive – IEMS prototypes are promising.

Most permanent magnet motors (including brushless) have similar speed/torque curves.