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Helen Ujvary
Oxentia Australia Representative

Academic Links

IEMS has developed an active research relationship with the University of Adelaide who is leading electrical machine design and motor drive research in Australia.


The University of Adelaide and IEMS are joint recipients of two ARC Industrial Linkage Grants.

The first project produced a commercially acceptable Soft Magnetic Composite motor at 2kW utilising 3D Finite Element design software JMAG. In this project, IEMS has designed and specified the SMC elements; the University also built a computer controlled 4-quadrant dynamometer test setup (up to 5kW) using an inline torgque transducer.

In the second project, that started in May 2013, we will investigate various other SMC machine topologies and integrate with power electronics converter topologies.

Industrial Links

The below list summaries IEMS's past and current industrial links:


IEMS has a commercial agreement with Diverse Industries Group of Australia Pty Ltd for the manufacturing of prototypes.